Land Bank

LandBankIn 2015, the Napa Local Food Advisory Council hopes to promote local food production by encouraging landowners to consider converting a piece of their property into food farming. In our county, there is an increasingly high demand for locally grown produce, as well as many outlets and opportunities to market and sell these goods.

The LFAC hopes to support local landowners by:

  • Providing guidance regarding basic infrastructure needed to grow food
  • Offering information about sustainable farming practices
  • Introducing you to potential business opportunities and strategies
  • Helping you access experienced staffing and labor.

Whether you have half an acre in your backyard, or an entire fallow vineyard block, the LFAC would like to support you in considering a shift towards food production. If you are interested, please click here to fill out the Land Bank survey.

Once we hear from you, members of the council will consult with you and provide guidance and information.