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Napa farmers market strawberries

Staying connected on the latest news about local food is easy with Food for Thought. This blog features tips on where to buy fresh, local food, ways to cook sustainably, information on Napa County’s Land Bank, community gardens, and much more. Check back often for the next post that will inspire you to join the sustainable local food system!

Summer is here, and that means the time is ripe for new seasonal recipes. Try out these mouthwatering plates and
The holiday (cooking and baking) season is here! Try out local holiday recipes using seasonal ingredients such as squash, pumpkin,
What is Nosh? Napa’s Operative for School Food Health (NOSH) is the first self-operating food service program at Napa Valley
Preparing Healthy, Quick and Easy Lunches The school year is quickly approaching for students, teachers, and parents, and packing daily