Irrigation Scheduling Made Easy with Sprinkler Times!

sprinkler-timesIf you pay a City of Napa water bill, you‘re eligible for their rebates and water conservation devices. One of the newest conservation methods the City is encouraging residents to use is called “Sprinkler Times” and it’s an easy to use online program and app that generates customized monthly irrigation schedules for your landscape. The City of Napa has teamed up with Sprinkler Times to offer local water customers a FREE 1-Year Registration. With most lawns and gardens overwatered, proper programming and more frequent adjustment of standard irrigation controllers could help save 30% on outdoor water use and trim those water bills! Both home gardeners and commercial landscape managers will benefit from Sprinkler Times, allowing standard controllers to mimic the benefits of the more expensive “Smart” controllers. To get started on saving water, visit to see How It Works – just scroll to the bottom of the Home Page and click on the “If you have a promo code” line, then enter promotional code NapaH2O (the letter “O”, not zero) and click “Submit”. Fill in the required registration information (name, email, password, etc.) and your Free purchase is complete. Once you’ve completed registration, there’s an easy “Follow the Sprinkler Times” 3-step process. With the City’s Free Water-Wise Home Survey and Business Survey programs, their Water Conservation Representatives can even help you get started with your free Sprinkler Times registration and programming the initial monthly watering schedule into your controller. In the spring of 2012, Sprinkler Times was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America and in BioCycle and Lawn & Landscape magazines. For more information, visit the City of Napa Water Division’s Water Conservation website here.