Help Napa Save 20%, Reduce Your Every Day Water Use

Under regulations adopted by the State Water Board, the City of Napa must reduce its total water consumption by 20% for the period of June 2015 through February 2016 (compared to those same months in 2013). With your help, the City has been meeting this goal for the last 5 months and we need to keep it going! Water is a critical part of every Californian’s way of life and we need water to flourish. Our water supply is limited, especially during the drought, but there are lots of simple ways to reduce the amount of water we use at home, both inside and outside. Here are a few easy tips to get you started. By following these easy steps, you can start saving more water every day:
⇒Collect water from rinsing your fruit and veggies and use it to water your house plants
⇒Defrost frozen foods in the fridge, instead of using running water to thaw your food
⇒If you drop an ice cube, don’t throw it in the sink, drop it in a house plant instead
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