Local Food Advisory Council (LFAC)

The Napa Local Food Advisory Council (LFAC) nurtures a sustainable local food system in Napa County by operating a public forum to share information on community needs and advising the Napa County Board of Supervisors on critical issues such as food education and promoting the production, distribution, and access to sustainable food. The council is made up of local citizens and elected officials, who are appointed by the Board of Supervisors, and share an interest in promoting local food production and consumption while decreasing food insecurity.

Get empowered and show your support for our local sustainable food movement! There are many opportunities for engaging with the LFAC, see below for details.


Attend a Meeting

LFAC meetings are a great way to get updates on the work being done around the Napa local food system in the County and gives you the opportunity to voice your concerns around local and healthy food access. Empower yourself and participate in the next LFAC meeting!

Meetings are generally on the 4th Monday of every other month at the UCCE Meeting Room located at 1710 Soscol Avenue, Napa from 4:00-6:00 pm. Agendas and meeting minutes can be found on the Agricultural Commissioners Page.

Meeting Agenda available at countyofnapa.org.

  • March 23, 2020

Local Food Advisory Council Rep. Openings

  • City of Calistoga

To apply visit the County Clerk’s Page or the City of Calistoga’s Page


The Local Food Advisory Council creates small working groups (subcommittees) to take action on, or delve deeper into, a specific topic in order to report back to the full council and the Agricultural Commissioner. If you would like to participate in a LFAC subcommittee please contact us at agcommissioner@countyofnapa.org.

Small Scale Food Production

Napa Local Food - Napa Farmers Guild Meeting photo
The small scale food production subcommittee is reviewing existing regulations such as Cottage Food, Approved Sources, Food Stand and Sidewalk Vendor to determine if and where improvement is needed. Current regulations are difficult to find, in disparate locations, and not necessarily aligned. Creating a single stop matrix can improve transparency, efficiency, and navigation across these access points for producers.

Community Gardens/Farms

The community garden/farm subcommittee is researching and surveying all current community garden spaces in Napa County. These may include traditional gardens, but also school, church, and business gardens.

County Food Policy


The county food policy subcommittee is reviewing current Napa County food purchasing policies and comparing them to other policies that support local food buying.

Connect with Council Members

LFAC members are dedicated to Napa’s local food movement. They work to promote local food education, production, and consumption in the community. Get to know each Council member and understand why they are involved by reading their bios here.

  • Local Food Advisory Council Member: Angela Baxter photo Angela Baxter

    Director of Food Service, Saint Helena Unified School District; Registered Dietitian
    18 years in Napa County

    What expertise or experience do you bring to the council?
    I am a Registered Dietitian with five years of experience in clinical nutrition and one year experience in school food service.

  • Local Food Advisory Council Member: Belia Ramos photo Belia Ramos

    Napa County Supervisor, District 5
    36 years in Napa County

    What expertise or experience do you bring to the council?
    Supervisor, 25th Agricultural District Member.

  • Bob Figoni

    Retired, Napa County Resident for Two Years

    What expertise or experience do you bring to the council?
    I spent my career in the solid waste field in both the private and public sector, so I know how both of those work. I am familiar with legislation and grant opportunities related to food recovery.

  • Local Food Advisory Council Member: Brian Henrickson photo Brian Henricksen

    Emergency Medical Services Administrator, Napa County
    2 years in Napa County

    What expertise or experience do you bring to the council?
    My experience working in Public Health will be great to bring to the council. There is a clear connection between food and health and the more we can promote healthy food choices, the better off the public health will be.

  • David Busby

    19 years in Napa County

    What expertise or experience do you bring to the council?
    My passion to minimize food insecurity.

  • David Layland – Chair

    Retired from Real Estate Services industry
    20 years in Napa County

    What expertise or experience do you bring to the council?
    My business background causes me to approach whatever I do in a “nuts and bolts” manner. Decisions must be quantifiable, data driven and practical as opposed to theoretical considerations or speculative possibilities. This lessens the time spent on matters that are destined to fail.

  • Jennifer Palmer photo Jennifer Mary Palmer

    Public Health Analyst
    18 years in Napa County

    What expertise or experience do you bring to the council?
    I bring a deep understanding of both the data-driven picture of food insecurity in Napa County and the many independent entities that together make up our local Emergency Food System.

  • Local Food Advisory Council Member: Jonathan Hall photo Jonathan S. Hall – Vice Chair

    Executive Director, Neptune Water Solutions
    2 years in Napa County

    What expertise or experience do you bring to the council?
    My experience in business has lead me to be task and goal oriented. My hope is to bring that mindset into my work with the council and help this great team of people with their mission in general and specific projects in particular.

  • Livia Manfredi Price

    Brand Manager/Wine Industry Consultant
    23 Years in Napa County (Calistoga)

    What expertise or experience do you bring to the council?
    In addition to my wine industry background, I have experience and passion for cottage food projects and building small, specialty food brands. I’ve helped launch a successful jam and preserve company in Brooklyn, NY, received a Good Food Award and spent a summer aging cheese for a small, artisanal cheesemaker in Vermont. My professional life has been centered on food and wine, from restaurants and hospitality roles, to sales and marketing and food production, operations and logistics. WSET certified, graduate of an intensive program on Sustainable Food Systems and the Sonoma States Wine Business MBA program I am always interested in continuing education and welcome the opportunity to share my experiences locally.

  • Local Food Advisory Council Member: Vickie Bartelt photo Victoria Bartelt

    Chief Financial Officer, Bartelt Engineering; Farmer, Rusty Rake Farming Co.
    Napa native

    What expertise or experience do you bring to the council?
    When my husband and I were starting our business and raising our children, it was my challenge to find inexpensive ways to feed three growing boys and a hardworking husband. I learned to glean excess fresh produce from others who were willing to share and quickly had to teach myself how to preserve fresh food. I shopped “u-pick farms” and grocery store sales, with primarily in season produce and I learned what to do with them. I may no longer need to plan my meals around the “sales”, but food security will always be a topic I am passionate about. I look forward to educating residents on the value (both for health and taste) of fresh local produce over the “convenience” factor of the alternative which may be quick and easy but not necessarily the best choice. Also after a battle with breast cancer in 2009 I quickly adapted my diet to add more local fresh produce and remove as many carcinogenic items and food as possible in my diet. I believe my experience in these areas can both benefit and add a fresh perspective to the council.

Apply for a Council seat

LFAC is always looking for engaged and committed members to join the Council and make a difference. If you are interested in getting involved in the Napa local food system, apply for the Council seat that most interests you!

Council Openings

City of Calistoga and two Agriculture, Public Health and Nutrition, or Education

The Council is searching for community members who have some or all of the following skills and attributes:

  • Knowledge of and expertise in the food system
  • Experience working within the food and agriculture sector
  • Ability to deliver results
  • Research and evaluation capacity
  • Ability for networking and facilitating