Summer Picnic & BBQ Recipes

Summer is here, and that means the time is ripe for new seasonal recipes. Try out these mouthwatering plates and snacks that you can make with fresh, local ingredients! Food tastes so yummy when it goes right from the farm and into your mouth. 

  1. Barbeque Grilled Fruit Salad is a fun and delicious way to enjoy summer fruit! Grilling caramelizes the natural sugars in fruit, which helps emphasize deeper flavors. This technique works especially well with stone fruits, which grow locally here in Napa! Give it a try with this Grilled Stone Fruit Salad Recipe

  3. Barbeque Grilled Pizza is a great way to change up your pizza-making style while maintaining the core of what makes pizza delicious. The key is to grill the dough on one side, flip it over and add some fresh, local pizza toppings to the grilled side, and then grill it some more. Check out this Simply Recipes guide, How to Grill Pizza, to learn more. 

  5. Pickled Veggies are full of flavor and are a great way to preserve ripe farmer’s market veggies such as carrots and cucumbers. Simply make brine out of vinegar, water, and salt and soak the vegetables in the brine in a jar under refrigeration. You can even get creative by mixing and matching veggies and herbs to bring out exciting flavors. Find more information from The Kitchn’s article on How to Quick Pickle Any Vegetable

  7. Grilling and barbecuing meat is a centuries old tradition (and super fun in the summer!). It can be done with beef, chicken, and even lamb. Fun fact: you can get all of those meats locally at farmer’s markets and biodynamic farms. To really add some extra flavor, use wood from fruit trees in your grill! Read up on more BBQ techniques Mental Floss’ listicle on 12 BBQ Tricks and Tips from Pitmasters

  9. Lemonade with fruits & herbs can be a cool, relaxing way to stave off the summer heat. Our favorite method is to infuse a pitcher of lemonade with two cups of local strawberries and basil leaves for a light and breezy beverage. For more ideas, visit Bon Appetit’s Lemonade Hacks That’d Make You Millions at a Stand

We hope you enjoy eating locally this season as much as we do!

Let’s Get Cooking!:

  1. Find ingredients at one of our local farmer’s markets!
  2. Biodynamic Farms are also great places to buy local food. Napa Grass Farmers and Marin Sun Farms are two amazing options. 
  3. SF Environment’s Guide to Seasonal Produce and CUESA’s Seasonal Produce Guide are both handy guides to seasonal produce in the Bay Area.