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Napa farmers market strawberries

Staying connected on the latest news about local food is easy with Food for Thought. This blog features tips on where to buy fresh, local food, ways to cook sustainably, information on Napa County’s Land Bank, community gardens, and much more. Check back often for the next post that will inspire you to join the sustainable local food system!

Serve up local love this holiday season!
In the spirit of celebrating locally grown, sustainable food, we’ve curated a selection of locally-inspired, healthy and hearty recipes to
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More Buzz on Keeping and Saving Bees!
Pollinators like Honeybees are responsible for a lot more than just honey, they are vital to sustainable agriculture, and pollinate
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Growing a Greener World is as Easy as Turning on your TV!
Recipes and canning advice, videos about beekeeping and how to improve your garden harvest, are just a few of the
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Just Eat It! A documentary
We all love food and it shows in the way we devour cooking shows, culinary magazines and foodie blogs. Filmmakers
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