Garden Pests and Non-Toxic Ways to Control Them Webinar

A smalll caterpillar on a small leaf.

Pests are an unfortunate, but manageable part of the gardening experience. In this class, Lori Caldwell, owner of CompostGal Consulting, will show participants easy and budget-friendly non-toxic pest control techniques to help tackle and prevent typical garden pests.

Lori Caldwell is an Alameda County Master Composter, a Stopwaste Educator, a Bay-Friendly Qualified Landscape Professional and an avid edible gardener. She has been teaching sustainable gardening classes since 2007.

This is part three of a four-part series. Don’t forget to register for the final class on October 10, 2020 – Eat What You Grow.

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Seasonal Planting for Raised Beds & Benefits of No-Till Gardening

A bunch of large leafy vegetables on a wooden table.

Join Rachel Brinkerhoff, co-owner of Dog Island Farm/Grow a Pear Nursery, for her live presentation on seasonal planting for raised beds and the benefits of no-till gardening.

We’ll be discussing raised beds, their benefits, their challenges, and how to use them effectively to grow food year round. Learn what you can plant in September in your garden. She will also talk about why you should take advantage of no-till gardening even if you have difficult soil.

At the end there will be a 30-minute Q & A with Rachel!

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Drip Irrigation Basics Online Workshop

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Drip irrigation can improve water efficiency, keep plants healthy, and save time and effort of hand watering. Join Seth Wright, irrigation efficiency specialist and owner of Water Service, for a free workshop on drip irrigation! You will learn to install or upgrade your own drip irrigation with a live Q&A at the end of the presentation.

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6th Soil Not Oil International Online Conference

Soil not oil

Soil Not Oil is an educational event in which attendees learn the root causes, effects and solutions towards creating climate stability. Highly recommended to students, educators, activists, farmers, scientists, investors, policy makers, health providers, families, urban planners and everyone else concerned with life on earth.

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Virtual Sustainable Practices for Water-Wise Gardening

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This virtual class focuses on permaculture and sustainable techniques for your home garden. Lori Caldwell, owner of CompostGal Consulting, will cover topics including sheet-mulching, the benefits of compost and mulch, bio-intensive edible gardening, hydrozoning, using recycled water, drip irrigation and native plants.

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Challenges in the Summer Vegetable Garden

Apples on an apple tree shining in the sun at an Orchard.

While warm season vegetables should be thriving now, there are possible problems to watch out for. Watering issues, overgrown or overripe produce, pests that show up this time of year, and senescence: all can affect the productivity of your vegetable patch. Learn what to look for and how to mitigate these challenges.

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Virtual Homesteading: Water Wise-Garden

A hose watering a small plant in a dirt field.

Water is a key ingredient for any successful garden. Take a tour of all things water on this homestead, from a 7000-gallon rain catchment system to the simple sprinklers and garden tricks they use to plant water-wise veggies.

Alexia Allen and Daniel Kirchhof have been feasting together at Hawthorn Farm since 2010. They spent all of 2017 eating only hand-harvested food and continue to develop their Woodinville farm to feed the community great year-round produce. With years of experience between them doing carpentry, animal husbandry, food preservation, and gardening, they find joy in sharing hard-won common sense. Teaching is a passion for them both. Join them in practicing essential skills to build resilient communities! Learn more about Hawthorn Farm here:

This virtual and interactive hour is hosted live via Zoom. After registering, you will receive the link and password.

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Live Vegetarian, Indian Cooking Class

Live Vegetarian, Indian Cooking Class poster

Learn to cook healthy, vegetarian Indian food virtually every Saturday at 11am with the LA Nithyanandeshwara Hindu Temple’s beginner-friendly class. For more information and to register, visit Eventbrite page.

Cook Book Club

Cook Book Club

Join the Richmond Hill Public Library once a week for a virtual cook book club. The club will focus on a different type of cook book each week, pick a title to explore, and then come back the next week to chat about what was read, and what was made. For more information and to register, visit the Eventbrite page.