From our elected officials, to County staff, to local residents, farmers, and many volunteers, Napa Valley communities are committed to improving the Napa local food system and ensuring its availability as a resource for all.

The folks profiled here have consistently demonstrated their commitment to our community and to a more robust local food system. In large and small ways, often without recognition, they combat food insecurity and provide food access and resources to the Napa County community. We honor their passion and efforts and invite you to join them in sharing yours! If you have a suggestion about someone you’d like to see featured on this Community Member page, please visit our About page to share your ideas.

Napa County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office

The Napa County Agricultural Commissioner and staff are responsible for the implementation of federal, State and local regulatory programs within Napa County. These programs are designed to protect people and the environment and to promote agriculture within the county.

Contact the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office:
Greg Clark, Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer
Phone: (707) 253-4357
Fax: (707) 253-4881