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Community Benefits of Local Markets

Shop Safe

As an essential service, Napa farmers markets are open during the county’s shelter-in-place order. In order to follow social distancing guidelines and stay safe while shopping, please stay 6 feet from other shoppers and sellers.

See the Napa County website for more information about the County’s shelter-in-place guidelines.

Napa County’s agricultural hub is home to a wide selection of local markets. Not only do local markets support the community by providing greater access to locally grown food, they also boost the local economy by supporting local farmers, ranchers, and businesses. The markets are home to a variety of seasonal food that is both affordable and sustainable. So what are you waiting for? Find your nearest local market!

Need a few more reasons to shop local? Read on!

The food is higher-quality

One benefit of shopping at local markets is that you have access to fresher, tastier, and more nutritious whole foods! Napa local markets source produce from our very own local farmers, and so they can provide you locally grown produce. Fun Fact: local produce has time to ripen while still on the plant, causing it to be more colorful and tasty. Markets in Napa also offer local cultivated honey, beeswax, nuts, and baked goods.

It’s affordable and sustainable

Since they sell directly to the consumer, local markets usually price their food products, especially fruits and vegetables, at lower prices than grocery stores. This makes shopping at local markets more affordable and accessible for every budget.

Many local markets in Napa County support the Market Match program, which matches customers’ federal nutrition assistance benefits, like CalFresh and WIC, at farmers’ markets. Programs like this help support families at varying income levels by providing equal access to affordable, local, and healthy food.

Local food is also good for the climate and the planet! It often requires less water because it’s grown during the crops normal growing season. It also has a lower carbon footprint because the food doesn’t have to be transported as far — which means less emissions and better air quality.

Build a stronger local economy & community

It’s a great feeling to know where your food is coming from and who is growing it. By shopping at local markets, you are helping our local businesses, farmers, and ranchers thrive. It’s a win – win for everyone!

Connect with your local market!

Are you wondering where to find your local farmer’s market, public market, farm or stand that sells locally grown food? Check out our Find Food page for a comprehensive list of all the local markets in Napa County, their locations and hours of operation.

It’s time to pack your reusable bags and baskets and shop local!

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