Open Seats for Napa County Local Food Advisory Council

We have just begun our recruitment for the 8 openings on seats on the Napa County Local Food Advisory Council! If you are interested in helping to create a more sustainable local food system in Napa County, please consider submitting an application by Friday, January 2nd, 5:00 pm. More details about the application process are below.

Applicants sought for Napa County Local Food Advisory Council

(NAPA, Calif.–)  The County Executive Officer announces the existence of openings on the Napa County Local Food Advisory Council representing the categories noted below with terms to expire January 15, 2019:

  • Two (2) Agriculture
  • One (1) Marketing and/or Distribution of Agricultural Products
  • Three (3) Community at Large
  • One (1) City of Calistoga representative
  • One (1) City of St. Helena

The Napa County Local Food Advisory Council advises the Agricultural Commissioner and Board of Supervisors regarding the development and promotion of a sustainable local food system and helps set priorities, plan and implement initiatives to improve the environmental, economic and social sustainability of food production in Napa County.

The Napa County Local Food Advisory Council is composed of fifteen (15) members, appointed by the County of Napa Board of Supervisors, including representatives of agriculture, public and private institutions, health and nutrition, community advocates, the incorporated cities and towns and unincorporated portion of Napa County.  Appointed members may establish working subcommittees with other community members as needed to achieve the goals established by the Council including, but not limited to, creating greater local food security, increased agricultural diversity and more reliable markets for small-scale farmers.

The Napa County Local Food Advisory Council schedules four regular meetings per year and may hold special meetings as needed.  Additional time outside of regular meetings may include work on sub-committee assignments, but would be at the discretion of the individual member and the time commitment they are willing to make.  Residents of Napa County, who possess knowledge of or experience in the field of Agriculture and are interested in making a significant contribution to the purpose of the Napa County Local Food Advisory Council, are highly encouraged to submit an application for possible appointment by the Board of Supervisors.

Anyone interested in consideration for appointment must submit a completed application form and apply either through the above listed coordinating agency/organization or directly to the County Executive Office, 1195 Third Street,

Suite 310, Napa, CA 94559, telephone (707) 253-4421 no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, January 2, 2015.  The application form is available on the Napa County website at  Go to the main County page and click on the Committees and Commissions link in the left-hand navigation under County Info.  To submit an application directly online, click “application for appointment” and follow the application instructions.

For more information on the Napa County Local Food Advisory Council, click here.

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